Measure twice, cut once

Meaningful information is always worth repeating, especially when future work depends on the entire team being well informed.
This can cover the widest range of works, from the granular details - bringing people up-to-date knowledge on specifics - to the overarching long-term vision for the project.
Examples can take the form of:

  • Maintaining internal knowledge. For example: Explaining the step-by-step construction of equipment from individual components
    Clearly showing how plant infrastructure should be maintained.
  • Presenting the different phases of a long-running project to stakeholders, showing how external partners will interface with the overall workflow
  • Demonstrating how a project will impact the wider community, showing what the end-goal will look like, reminding stakeholders what impact similar projects have had on the world

Focussing on the important details

We've all experienced it:

  •   an under-communicated project plan
  •   a vague description where specific detail is required
  •   encountering unexpected equipment in the field...

When you analyse the monetary cost of wasted time and are forced to then underwrite it, you see the true cost of poor communication in day-to-day operations.
Investing in assets designed to ensure that everybody is on the same page makes financial sense. The cost of operations can be significantly reduced, saving money that would otherwise be wasted.

Visual communication assets can easily be made accessible via the most appropriate delivery system, whether that be a mobile device, an interactive screen display, or printed hard-copy.

Deploying Infrastructure

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